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di·ver·si·ty Continued from page 9 career counseling, professional development, and mentoring in order to retain a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Provide equitable opportunities based on performance so every member has the potential to compete, ensuring promotion and advancement. Implement mentoring introduction modules into leadership trainings of all members. Provide every member the resources necessary to reach their full potential. Optimize training and education to enhance Diversity Management and Leadership Skill-sets We must ensure members at all levels are provided the tools to enhance their diversity management and leadership skill sets by educating the entire organization on the benefits of inclusion, equity and respect for all personnel, their talents, experiences and abilities. Train and educate leaders at all levels in the organization on how to lead a diverse workforce. Educate all members (active duty, reserve, civilian, and Auxiliary) on the benefits of a diverse workforce. SUMMARY: Diversity Management is critical to the Coast Guard’s future. The Coast Guard recognizes that improving workforce diversity is not only a business imperative, but also a moral obligation. The service remains committed to building and sustaining an organizational climate that embraces the potential and contributions of all employees by promoting inclusion, equity, and respect. Team Coast Guard Leadership Commitment Our commitment to diversity begins at the top and permeates the entire organization. We are committed 10 to ensuring that the Coast Guard is a national leader in hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. Our strategy is focused on building a diverse and proficient workforce that enables and sustains Coast Guard mission success. Key features include senior leadership commitment, performance and mission focus, and accountability THE U.S. COAST GUARDS VISION FOR DIVERSITY & INCLUSION PLAN 2015-2018 UPDATED – Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant USCG