Natural Muscle June/July 2015 - Page 44

PROFILE welcome to MY WORLD Over the years writing and shooting for Natural Muscle Magazine, I have certainly meet some very unique individuals, people who break the mold by following their own hearts and carving out a unique niche in fitness. I just figured out that I have written on over 185 extraordinary, very special individuals in my last 15 To contact Coach A years with Natural Muscle Magazine. I am grateful and humbled for this opportunity to feature some of best and brightest in fitness. There are so many more…THANKS, BossLADY and readers. Stephanie Keenan, number 186, fits in this group, which is high praise and BIG BOOTS! I am confident you are going to be hearing more about “Country Girl!” “Steph” has a degree in Nuclear Engineering, which alone, sets her apart from anyone else I know. She is tough-minded, enthusiastic, fair, energetic, beautiful and one of my favorite people to shoot. This lady knows how to set her mind to the task at hand and succeed. See if you agree? My Name is Coach A, Welcome to MY WORLD. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? I’m a country girl at heart. I was born and raised about an hour south of Kansas City, Missouri in a little town called Butler, Mo. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE GREATEST LESSON LEARNED? I have been brought to my knees a few times in my life and I know these experiences will not be the last time. I am stronger and wiser because of those experiences and my hope for every obstacle life throws my way is to keep an open mind and open heart, learn all the lessons to be learned, forgive quickly and spend more time and energy on the wonderful people, places, and things in life. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST TRIUMPH(S)? I took personal responsibility for my own happiness and went to work building a business that would afford me time-freedom and location-freedom. I was able to leave corporate America, cubicle-nation, and my 2.5-hour commute, to start a business of online personal training and do what I love every single day. This also provided me the opportunity to spend 5-months in a little surf town in Costa Rica where I sipped coconut water from coconuts, drank Costa Rican coffee, watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and woke up to the sun and the birds. mean the world to me and I couldn’t have made it through these past couple years without them. And, most importantly, let’s not forget my clients: the men and women directly responsible for my ability to live my dream of sharing my love of everything fitness. WHAT ATHLETE DO YOU WANT TO EMULATE? LAST MEAL? COACH A? Isagenix Chocolate IsaLean Shake with a raw beet added for a little added detox benefit. “A” stands for Awesome! He’s always a joy to work with and he is an amazing photographer. LAST CHEAT FOOD? WHAT IS YOUR PASSION: WHAT MAKES YOU TICK? My boyfriend and I shared a burger, fries, buffalo chicken pizza, nachos and a waffle sundae. It was a delicious way to spend the day! WHAT IS ONE THING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF? My energy runs high and my brain moves quickly so I am always trying to improve my listening skills. HOW HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED TO THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? “Life begins when you stop chasing skinny,” is my tagline and, if I have helped at least one person feel more comfortable in his or her own skin, I feel like I have done my job! WHERE DO YOU LIVE AND WHAT DO Y