Natura May- June 2014 - Page 91

designed with the building’s detailed features in mind providing aesthetic value with features such as plants requiring low maintenance, acoustic and sound insulation, reduction of heat emissions to the surrounding area and the provision for the collection of waste rain water. The building’s ecological design unifies features such as passive climate control, natural lighting, efficient water use, recyclable material and a green roof integrated into a holistic view of architecture. The building provides a functional and open space for workers and visitors alike using natural, organic materials in a geometrically pure design aesthetic. The architect’s strategy was to emphasize the pure geometry of the building using the contrast provided between the lightness of the façade and the massive internal volumes clad in travertine. The building seen as a series of rounded forms in its exterior opens up in its interior to reveal these three primary volumes in a triangular plan. The main volume of the assembly hall Belediye Başkanı ve ekibinin toplantı odaları doğal ahşap ve aynalı da içeren daha geniş bir malzeme ve doku çeşitliliğine sahip. Meeting rooms for the Mayor and his leadership team are appointed in a wider variety of materials and textures including natural wood and mirrors. MAYIS - HAZİRAN 2014 / MAY - JUNE 2014 • NATURA 91