Natura May- June 2014 - Page 87

architecture are all designed to move the architecture of public buildings in Turkey forward as a sign of progress for architecture for governmental institutions. The building featuring a distinctive transparent façade is located in the European district of Istanbul and was envisioned as a benchmark for future urban development in the area. This iconic double façade of glass is part of a system of transitional spaces and galleries that efficiently distribute sunlight into the interior city offices. In parallel to this lighting design, the office spaces contain natural ventilation strategies to secure a healthy and comfortable office environment for municipal workers. The transparent and functional features of the building provide value to the building while also representing the open relationship of the Municipality to individuals. The extensive use of glazing is complemented by the broad use of travertine cladding primarily in the interior. Travertine is used to clad the broad interior surfaces produced in the building’s architectural morphology of three connected cylindrical volumes. While the building’s exterior emits a feeling of transparency, in the interior the combination of white surfaces, travertine textures and glass produces an expansive spatial effect through the geometry of walls and stone surfaces. The sense of spatiality and openness can also found in the accessible green outdoor areas and children’s park and in the interior where visitors can access all nine floors of the building. This building, one of the 150 Breeam certified buildings in Turkey, in addition to factoring in issues of energy, health and comfort applied “green” building principals in the choice and application of materials. Construction materials that were durable and low maintenance while having a minimal impact on Yapının yönetim alanlarında traverten cam ve beyaz yüzeylerin keskin geometrisi içinde kullanılıyor. The administrative areas of the building continue the use of travertine but within a strict geometry of glass and white surfaces. MAYIS - H