Natura May- June 2014 - Page 61

TAŞ DUVARLAR VE ARALARINDA UZANAN GENİŞ CAM YÜZEYLER EN YALIN BİÇİMDE MEKANLARI TANIMLIYOR. THE STONE WALLS AND WIDE GLAZED SURFACES DEFINE THE DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE HOUSE IN A DIRECT AND SIMPLE WAY. mindful of the responsibility of changing the existing environment. The firm incorporates the latest innovations in construction and urban design technologies to produce projects that are economically and environmentally responsible yet sustainable. In this project Çırakoğlu stressed that during the design phase of Gümüş Su Villas the urge to create a calm union with the impressive natural condition formed the basis of the architectural approach. Yet use was also important as each villa’s architectural plan and orientation within the site ensures privacy and seclusion. Each building is located within a 1.000 square meter garden and the landscape design for the common area occupies 3000 square meters. The villas are situated on a south-facing site and each residence has an unimpeded view of the natural surroundings of Turkey’s Aegean coast. The architectural composition that came out of the process is a modern interpretation of traditional stone masonry of the area that blends these elements of the local architecture with a contemporary language of design. This approach of updating traditional Mediterranean masonry with modern forms has a distinctive history in modern Turkish architecture. Similar to the Gümüş Su Villas contemporary designs include the features of the MAYIS - HAZİRAN 2014 / MAY - JUNE 2014 • NATURA 61