National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 90



Front Cover Photo:

Scott Frederick Photography

Directors Corner:

Candy Meehan

Sheri Collins

Department Chair Interview:

Will Crawford

Lillee Allee

Members Interview:

Robert Dougherty

Lillee Allee

Team Interview:

Lisa Shaner Hilty

3 Towers Paranormal Team


Ken Weigand

Aleins and UFOs Dept:

Holly Moreland (Dept Chair)

Julie Carter

Sara Fawley

Stephanie Kelly

Ancient Mysteries Dept:

Sara Fawley (Dept Chair)

Julie Carter

Jeni M. Duell

Lisa Shaner Hilty

Stephanie Kelly

Justin Klobcar

Cryptozoology Dept:

Sara Fawley

Ghosts and Hauntings Dept:

Allen B. Marston

Lillee Allee

Justin Klobucar

Haunted Locations Dept:

Katie Snow

Lillee Allee

Holly Moreland

Health and Safety Dept:

Shellie Lamount

Langdeau (Dept Chair)

Lisa Shaner Hilty

Holly Moreland

Paranormal Organization of

South Texas

Neverending Life Paranormal

Paranormal investigations Division

WAID Paranormal

Ghost Watchers

TRI-C Ghost Hunters

Indy Ohio Paranormal Researchers


Lillee Allee

Graphics Editor:

Tamara Ortiz

International Dept:

Jeni M. Duell

Occult Dept:

Lillee Allee (Dept Chair)

Photography Dept:

Photography Team

Resources Dept:

Lillee Allee

Sara Fawley

Christopher Rogue


Investigation and Reasearch

Education Resources Dept:

Sheri Collins

Science Dept:

Sherry P. Perkins


Al Schmidt (Dept Chair)

Chris Larson

Tamara Ortiz

Book Review:

Lill Allee

Thomas W. Conwell

Guest Contributors:




NPS of Colarado

NPS of Texas

Apocalyotic Paranormal Investigation Research

PA Paranormal Project

Ambercrombie Ghost Research

Life Spirits Paranormal

Paranormal investigators and Reserachers

Researchers of the Paranormal

and Spiritual