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Member's Interview


NPS, welcoming individuals into our paranormal society, since the interview for the magazine, Robert subsequently become a Representative

for NPS Division #5.

Robert Dougherty

At the National Paranormal Society (NPS) Facebook members’ page we value our active members as participants as we seek answers to paranormal questions from a scientific approach. We also seek to educate those who are new to the paranormal with theories, articles, videos and photographs.

Robert Dougherty is an active member and said that he was looking for a good site where he could expand his horizons and assist him in developing explanations to paranormal phenomena. He admits to getting “hooked” on the paranormal after reading a

at one time or another based

on their personal expertise.

His future plans are “to investigate when it is possible and try to help people along the way.”

He admits to having a personal experience, but prefers not to go into details. Dougherty also works to separate his beliefs in the paranormal from his personal religious beliefs. What he likes most about NPS is the fact the Society and its representatives are able to help people on multiple levels. What has he learned that has been most striking? “Honestly,” Dougherty admits, “to exercise more due diligence.

book on the subject when he was much younger. For Robert, learning from one team just will not work. He likes to absorb information from the different teams he

corresponds with on the members’ page. “I like to go on investigations,” he stated, “but I have seen people’s reasons shift when influenced by a group and their beliefs.”

Because he is busy with his personal and professional lives, he is not as active as he would like to be, but likes to work with Facebook groups as time permits. “I like to see what others bring to the table as far as techniques are concerned.” He feels the group gives him perspective and allows interaction with the people who he can learn from.

He is open to the scientific approach and his beliefs about the various events that paranormal investigators describe. “I have not ruled out anything yet. There are some unexplained phonomena that are very intriguing. I do think that NPS sheds light onto things.” He admits that all of the directors have helped him

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