National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 84

Founded by National Paranormal Society Executive Director Candy Meehan, NPS of Colorado handles commercial, residential, public and private cases on a very select case by case basis.

If you experiencing paranormal activity,

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Founded by National Paranormal Society Assistant Executive Director, Sheri Collins, NPS of Texas specializes in residential and commercial locations experiencing paranormal activity. In addition, NPS of Texas takes the time to educate the public on paranormal investigating through hosting public investigations.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity or want to learn about paranormal investigating.

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Are you experiencing things in your home or business you can't logically explain? Are you in Virginia? If so give us a call! We will give you a 100% FREE and professional investigation!


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(434) 944-6879

Founded by the National Paranormal Society Assistant Director Lisa Hilty, we serve primarily Western Pennsylvania along with

other areas by request

If you feel you have activity, please

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Investigating paranormal claims in both public and private sectors. We educate aspiring researchers, families and the public regarding if, how and

why spirits are here. Small group lectures

available upon request.