National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 80

Book Review

Books that Make a Difference

THEY Are Here

(UFOs East Coast, US – Volume 1)

by Thomas W. Conwell

Published January 2016

With the myriad of books published on aliens, unidentified objects, and alleged abductees now, it seems one can sort them in three piles, the believers, conspiracy buffs, and disaffected dialoguers, sometimes a book comes along that excites the jaded, but optimist reader. Conwell has crafted one of these books. He is a paranormal investigator who works from a scientific approach with a background in electronics and physics, a skilled abductee interviewer and a gentleman. In search of the truth, whatever that is, he takes the reader on his journey through the data, through the interviews in a way that is enjoyable and educational. With his knowledge and experience in astronomy, science and aircrafts, there is always a concern that the book will read more like a report than an adventure. Yet, do not fear! His writing style is personal and productive

which is rare in today’s world of self-publishing. From the first pages, one can’t help but smile as he admits that while as an abductee interviewer, he was expected to offer answers, but instead received an education with each individual. This is a summary of what is going on with a personal approach that will keep you moving, state to state.

After experiencing a sighting of significant anomalies in his local area, one reminiscent of the famous sighting of the Phoenix lights, Conwell, instead of just reporting his experience, went on a mission “to categorize, compare and contrast” sightings through data-mining, as he describes it, first in his home state of NY, the Pennsylvania and on to other northeast states. This book is the first compilation of his work and experience with the data he has collected.

As he worked through the data, and struggled with physical representations of what he had found, Conwell explains his methodology and makes it easy to understand for those of us who may not be so scientifically inclined. He is able to share his frustrations as he explains the design of his project in a

manner that is not dry, but leads the reader to understand the enormity of his undertaking. First, one is given the data according to the shape of the craft seen. He then takes us through the east coast with his findings, interspersed with actual witness accounts, discusses a possible relation to water and then compares the data with land-locked states. His conclusions are surprising and he updates your knowledge as to what people are seeing out there today, and how it differs from the past. A special treat is his description of the famous triangle sightings in the Hudson Valley and offers more to the story than you may know.

While Conwell offers his opinions, and allows the reader to digest the evidence to provide their own conclusions. He offers some explanations that the data support and those are illuminating. Do not stop reading, as the last chapter may change your view as to what is really going on. With what you have learned, you will never look at unidentified objects in quite the same way again!