National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 78

In digital video recording, the audio signal are also retrieved from a microphone along with video captured by the camera, and converted into a stream of numbers, representing the changes over time in air pressure for the audio, and chroma and luminance for video portion, then recorded to a storage device. Playback of the video/audio can then be viewed and listened to on a TV, computer or other video device.

As in digital audio recordings, the video and audio may be enhanced or edited using readily available software. Many in the paranormal filed use this technique to debunk or verify EVPs, although there are many who balk at this method as it then loses its original evidential integrity.

In the ghost hunting and parapsychology realms EVP are sounds and anomalies found within audio, these can be interpreted as spirit voices that have been unintentionally or intentionally recorded. One of the most debatable questions surrounding EVP is, how does it all work? You will find it very difficult to come up with answers to this question because there are so many theories surrounding electronic voice phenomena. We are going to examine the two of these theories

This is just a few of the theories that attempt to explain electronic voice phenomena. There are several scientific explanations that can account for EVPs. The brain is very powerful and will attempt to look for patterns when it can’t understand what it's hearing. This can create auditory pareidolia, making the brain interpret noises incorrectly. (Mclelland, 2015) Hopefully there will come a day where we have scientific proof of electronic voice phenomena and all the controversy surrounding it. The investigator mixed with experimentation and documentation will lead us to the scientific answers regarding EVPs.

audio is imprinted by the spirit directly and the seconding being that spirits imprint on audio by using the living.

The first theory we are going to discuss is controversial because although many can get behind this theory, the science doesn’t exactly back it up. This theory states that spirits/ghosts will speak and just simple be heard by the individual or by the recorder's microphone. Many say ghost and spirits are made up of just energy, now with this being said this means they do not have the vocal cords required to admit the vibrations needed for the human ear or the microphone components of the reordered to be heard. (Myers, 2006) The contradiction to this theory is spirits don’t have to use vocal cords, if they choose to they can emit vibrations on their own. The spirits gather energy to create these vibrations, but there is no scientific evidence of theory or the contradiction found within it. (Burns, 2013) The second theory we are going to discuss is spirit's imprint on audio by using the living. Some even take this theory a little further and believe that spirits can also manipulate animals, static, running water and white noise. (Myers, 2006) This is done by imprinting on an electronic devise through psychokinesis and or some form of energy generated communication. (Mclelland, 2015)

The Science behind EVPs