National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 75

The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE), in an agreement with the National Paranormal Society (NPS), has decided to extend to all NPS members and the members of NPS affiliate organizations the status of “Research Associate.” As such, all members of those organizations who register with WISE will enjoy the numerous rights and benefits that “Research Associates” have in WISE, at no charge. Details of those benefits are at this location on the WISE website. And to register with WISE, please send an email to the WISE membership director, John Davis at, indicating that you are part of the WISE-NPS affiliate membership program.

WISE is a non-profit, 501(c)3, tax exempt research organization dedicated to the service of humanity. The primary mission of the WISE is to conduct and promote scientific research in countries worldwide on paranormal and unexplained events and phenomena of all kinds, consciousness and parapsychology, alternative, complementary, and indigenous medicine therapies, new forms of energy, and related subjects.

In addition, WISE is identifying, digitizing, and preserving all writings and other materials on the above subjects, and providing a global platform through its WISE Wiki and the WISE Digital Library, whereby such materials can be made freely available to the Research Associates of WISE.

The rights and benefits that registered WISE Research Associates can enjoy include the following:

CV-Resume Enhancement Benefits: All WISE “Research Associates” are not just members of an organization, but have an official title as “Research Associate”. As such, WISE members can note this position on their resume or CV, on business cards, letterheads, on job applications, or in other appropriate places. Higher level official positions are available as Directors, Faculty members, Professors, Fellows, Advisers, and Research Scientists, depending on one’s prior accomplishments and appointments within WISE.

Article Publishing Benefits: WISE has a program to help beginning and experienced researchers, authors, and writers to get their articles prepared and published in the WISE Journal, which WISE publishes quarterly, and other periodicals. We want to enable anyone in the world to publish his or her research and other creative works, without the traditional frustrations and impediments to publication that authors have historically faced, especially researchers and authors in developing nations, who have sometimes been discriminated against by editors and peer reviewers of journals published in Western countries.

Research Grant and Funding Service: With this service, WISE enables and helps its members to apply for and acquire research grants, research contracts, and other funding for their research projects. For example, WISE has recently helped members to receive research grants of up to $100,000.00, with other grants and funding in the works.

These are only a few of the many benefits that members of the National Paranormal Society (NPS) and its associated organizations will enjoy as affiliates of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration and WISE looks forward to working with NPS to achieve its mission and objectives, and helping its members in any way possible.