National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 71


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Contributors: Lillee Allee, Sara Fawley and Christopher Ostrowski

However, today, depending on the budget, luminol and other chemicals can detect the remnants of blood to prove that a legendary murder did take place where it has been claimed there is paranormal phenomena. Further, this may even identify the victim if there are relatives who are alive. Statistical evidence can be obtained from several investigations on one site. Analog and digital recording devices (audio and video) are also used to obtain evidence at an allegedly haunted locale. Psychological profiles can also help gauge the authenticity of claims. For the paranormal investigators of today, knowledge of the forensic field can extremely expand the methodologies available. After all, an investigation is still going to follow a particular flow, and from a legal perspective, teams today are looking for proof, even a preponderance of the evidence, as is expected in a civil law case. Of course, for the professional criminologist or the weekend paranormal investigator, the mind is the most important tool of all.

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