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and that the biochemistry of vision works in the same wavelengths that color from raindrops and moisture (alleged colored orbs) do. That is just so cool! All that physics and chemistry adds up to the colored orb.

As we have said here, orbs are merely flash reflections off of dust and other air particulates. Any images seen in a photographic orb are merely the product of pareidolia. The uneven, random pattern of the orb image is caused by the camera lens and how the light reflected back into it, plus the digital artifacts and pixilation created by the digital photo, which are especially prevalent at higher zoom powers.

When we see this random patterning in the orb, our brains will automatically try and make some cohesive sense of it. We see the same thing happen when we look at the moon. Some call it ‘the man in the moon,’ but the moon's ‘face’ is really made of dark, low lying areas on its surface, called maria. We know the moon is just a chunk of dirt and rock. Just because it appears to have a face does not mean it is an intelligent being.

Now that we’ve discussed what logical explanations

left with the question of whether or not we captured a true spirit orb, we must then begin to ask ourselves if it resembles a true spirit orb. The fact is, since no one has ever captured one on film, it is hard to have a comparison photo but we do know this from eyewitness accounts of those who have seen true spirit orbs with the naked eye: it will be a single orb, not many; it will emit light of its own and be a solid ball of light; and it will have a contrail behind it as it moves around the room.

We hope that this helps you with your debunking of orbs in your photographs. Please visit our department on the NPS website for more information about orbs as well as other great information regarding photography.

exist for the appearance of orbs in pictures, let’s look at how we can debunk our own pictures accordingly. A first step would be to visit the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena’s website ( since they have done a lot of research on paranormal pictures. Here we can compare what they have found to be proof of environmental contamination with what appears in our picture we are examining. This is where we can literally rule out dust, bugs, and other environmental items. A second step would be to visit the Photography section of the NPS website for links to websites with information regarding other explanations and examples for comparison.

Once we have answered every logical question and are still

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