National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 63

Team should develop contact and resources from all religous organzations to work with after all normal explinations have been rules out in a case. "Occult practitioners mixed with your paranormal investigators and should only be called in as needed. The serious paranormal investigator is a scienctist and there should be a septperation of church and state, so to speak" Said the Albany New York native.

A balance of knowledge and appreciation for the occult while maintaining a professional scientific approach may be the most inclusive and productive way to work as a team. The beauty and the beast of this issue remains the same: there are no cookie cutter methods for group dynamics, and the beliefs and culture of the team and its members also have to be taken into account. It is important for team members to be familiar with the history and connections of the occult and the paranormal to access their knowledge and comfort.

Contributor: Lillee Allee


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The secret of the Occult is, it encompasses the Sciences of nature!