National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 61

asked by the living. Rumor had it that the previous residents had killed a door-to-door salesman, and human remains were later discovered under the house. The Fox sisters drew the attention of the progressive people in the area that wanted to see if the phenomena could be created in another locale. They became the new sensation and the Spiritualist movement was ignited. In other areas, others contributed to this interest. Franz Anton Mesmer of Australia, Emanuel Swedenborg of Sweden, D. D. Home of Scotland and American Andrew Jackson Davis, all offered significant contributions to the growing evidence through their writings and performances. Scientists and skeptics also studied the phenomena. Spiritual churches remain active today, are a valid religion, and train mediums to communicate with Spirit.

Yet occult practitioners have continued to practice in secret for hundreds of years. To better understand the beginning of communication with the dead from the occult perspective, two occultists share their thoughts.

Papa Coyote grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there is a practice known as “pow wow medicine.” This is a mix of Pennsylvania Dutch root work and conjures, combining Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence,

using the dead for divination or to perform a service of some kind, whether this is a good intention such as healing or a malicious intention, such as making someone sick. There are few genuine necromancers around today, as there is a chance of hostile spirits and training is not readily available but is passed down through various traditions,” Coyote said.

Though necromancy has continued to be considered negative magic even today, Coyote claims that it is not that different from being a medium in that by asking for communication, you are asking the dead to perform a service. He even goes so far as to say that modern paranormal investigators who claim to have a scientific approach, are still practicing necromancy if they attempt EVP sessions or try to provoke a spirit to elicit paranormal activity. “Look at the work itself,” said Coyote, “necro- means death and -mancy which stands for knowledge. Necromancy is communication with the deceased; how you do it is up to you.”

“As a medium, I would not question the dead,” said Debra Ann Freeman, professional psychic medium from Salem, Massachusetts, stated. “I listen, feel and receive messages from Spirit.” Freeman states that spirits will communicate to her, only if they choose and they have messages to give. She would

Judeo-Christian folklore, spell work and necromancy. Adepts are often called Hexenmeisters or just Hexens from the Norse/Teutonic pagan path. He agrees with the idea that paranormal investigation would not have developed into what it is today without the occult and religious/spiritual aspects concerning the dead.

“If you go back to the Bible, you can see that necromancy (communication with the dead) was banned because it was a form of magic,” Coyote explained. “This involved the summoning of the spirit to be used either for divination or manipulation. The belief was that dealing with the dead was the devil’s work. Deuteronomy (the book in the Bible) warns the Israelites not to engage in the Canaanite practice of such abominations as necromancy, divination and other magical techniques. This is where the concept of “evil” came from. However, there is a human need for us to communicate with the dead.

“Today, we have people going into abandoned buildings and investigating. We all, as people, want to know what happens after we die. From this sense, we are all afraid of death as it is an unknown and that is what draws people to these pursuits through history.” The form of contact may change, he claims, but the need is constant.

“True necromancy involves