National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 6

Department Chair Interview

Will Crawford - Resources

The Resources department offers help, information and solutions regarding paranormal research. Will Crawford's background in forensics and law enforcement makes him an invaluable part of the NPS family.

1. What first drew you to NPS?

Originally, I was looking for resources and a group collective to bounce ideas off of. I pretty much exhausted local options and found NPS online. I think worthy investigators are always looking to increase their knowledge, expand their skillsets and stay sharp.

2. Why did you decide to become a representative?

I was already a Department Chair at the time. Our NPS Executive Director, Candy, asked me to expand

together on specific cases. It allows for a sharing of techniques, theories, responsibilities and equipment. It also fosters strong networking relationships between teams and management groups that offer paranormal investigations at “allegedly” haunted locations.

6. Does what you do professionally affect your interest in the paranormal positively or negatively?

In my current full time profession? No.

In my previous profession in law enforcement: Yes.

The idea of applying learned skillsets from Interview, Crime Scene Processing and a plethora of investigative techniques is invaluable for any complete investigation.

7. How would you describe your beliefs about the paranormal? Short & Sweet: Paranormal belief, and evidence of it, is held strictly in the eye of the beholder. Individuals that claim to be “experts” in the field rarely are in any context, those that view themselves as “students” of the field are generally like-minded and solid.

my current duties to include the department chair position.

3.What were your thoughts as you moved up the chain of command? Chain of commands are helpful if you need guidance and support. I was more into the comradery and sharing theories.

4. What specifically have you learned while in NPS?

Well, I think the overall direction of NPS is very science/fact based.

Looking for evidence, plausible explanations and collecting data. I always felt my background in law enforcement, processing crime scenes and private detective work gave me a solid base to start with, but it was within the Representative and Department Chair conversations where I’ve learned the most. Those discussions that can bleed outside the scientific realm while looking for possible answers to difficult questions are the most interesting.

5. Are you active in the paranormal community in your area? How so?

Yes, my group is actually a CO-OP that pulls seasoned investigators from other

paranormal teams to work