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the Cŵn Annwn, Garmr, and Cerberus, each are guardians of the underworld. The earliest known reference to the black dogs can be found in an Anglo-Saxon Chronicle from the year 1127. The appearance of the black dog was considered as a portent of death. They are associated largely with ball-lighting, crossroads, churches, ancient pathways, and locations of execution. One of the most harmful of the cryptid is known as the Barghest, a legendary monstrous goblin black dog with huge teeth and claws who only appears at night. It is said that if you had only caught a glimpse of the Barghest, you would live on for some months and eventually meet your demise whereas if you saw the Barghest in full, you would die immediately. Some variations of the dog apparition differ in name by location; the Manchester Barghest is believed to be headless whereas the dogs in Lancaster is known as Striker or Trash and are said to bear broad backwards pointing feet which make a splashing noise accompanied with a foul menacing howl. The dog is believed to be amphibious in East Anglia and also had one eye and was known as Black Shuck. The Isle of Man refers to the dog as Mauthe Dog. However, this dog is discribed, the overall belief remains that these nocturnal specters are considered malevolent with the exception of the Gurt Dog in Somerset and the Black Dog of the Hanging Hills.

There are countless reports of sightings at the Ancient Ram Inn but some of the worst entail forceful interference, physical assaults and even a demonic rape. During a work order, a plumber had explained that he had seen a Roman Centurion on horseback emerge from a wall. However, the most alarming of stories circling the Ancient Ram Inn comes from the building's owner who claims of being dragged from bed by violent entities as well as routinely being raped by the Inn's resident succubus.

It should come as no surprise that Europe is rich in tragic and traumatic history though one of the most haunted buildings of the continent exists in Gloucestershire, England known as the Ancient Ram Inn. The Inn lies on a crossing point of two ley lines, one being direct from the ancient Stonehenge. There are claims by researchers that the Inn sits on top of an ancient Pagan burial ground. However, the history of the place tells a rather disturbing tale. A former innkeeper's nightmares came true when his daughter hanged herself in the attic. Bones of ritually murdered children have been discovered buried under the Inn's floor. A resident witch was subjected to a burning.

Former Bishop of Gloucester Rt. Rev. John Yates stated that is was “the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit,” after a failed attempt at an exorcism of the Ancient Ram.

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