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The main purpose of the Malleus Maleficarum was to challenge all and any arguments against the existence of witchcraft. It was designed as a manual to instruct how to identify, interrogate and convict witches.

In a cave located in Slovenia during a search conducted in 1995, the oldest known musical instrument known as the Divje Babe flute was discovered. The dating of the instrument is estimated at 60,000 to 43,000 years old, the item was made out of a fragment of the femur of a cave bear that had been pierced with spaced holes. Some scientists found it hard to accept the possibility that Neanderthals were playing music however, there has been a growing view of the Neanderthals that suggests that perhaps they were a bit more sophisticated than previously believed.

Discovered all over the European continent were prehistoric statuettes of women made during the Paleolithic period. These figurines are known as the Venus Figurines and date back to 30,000 BCE. Each figurine depicts similarities ranging from smaller heads to missing feet and some representing pregnant women carved on soft stones to bone, ivory and clay.

One of the most fascinating ancient artifacts of Europe was discovered in Denmark in 900 ACE and is known as Thor's Hammer. More than 1,000 ancient amulets have been found across northern Europe known as the Mjöllnir amulets. These appear to depict hammers that historians have linked to the Norse God Thor.

a bank of blue lights underneath.

“What I once believed is no more, and what I’ve witnessed, defies all that I have ever imagined. I am truly in awe over the whole incident, and no one can fully understand the magnitude, of such an event, unless you were there, said ” Sgt. James Penniston in interview with ABC Television 2005. Sgt. Monroe Nevels, disaster preparedness technician,

explained "there were three objects or lights. The largest light was the leading or command vessel. The lights were three vessels that moved independently of each other. They were moving and were able to jump from Woodbridge and show up over Bentwaters in less than a second."

Europe has had its share of notorious UFO conspiracies. The Rendlesham Forest Incident (known as 'Britain’s Roswell) has some of the most credible witnesses to such a phenomena including trained USAF (United States Air Force) observers and and security police. According to witnesses, the incident spanned 3 days in 1980. Reports include an object which was described as metallic and triangular that seemed to illuminate much of the forest with white light although it was noticed on top of the craft were flashing red light and the bottom featured

Divje Babe Flute


Folk lore

In the British Isles, the black dog, a cryptid is considered to be malevolent and directly associated with the devil. Throughout European mythology, dogs have been associated with death such as