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make the jump to demonic possession. The term psychosis is indicative of a break with reality. To the individual, his perceptions are vivid, real and frightening. Knowing that one half of those with mental health disorders are untreated, whether due to lack of insurance/effective psychiatric care. or due to having stopped taking their medications because of the most unpleasant side effects, these possibilities must be explored prior to any action on the part of an investigator. Referral to psychiatric care needs to be made. Again, some of these disorders are also known to run in families, and therefore, may impact more than one family member. Due to the delicacy of these situations, as well as confidentiality laws, mental health concerns admittedly introduce a challenge to the process.

With the staggering number of investigators and teams entering clients’ homes, our responsibility to our clients cannot be overemphasized. People are no longer afraid to reach out for help when they do not understand what they are experiencing. Investigation, scientific and objective in nature, combined with due diligence must be

approached with the utmost respect. While there are not “experts” in the fringe sciences, clients who feel they have something in their home/business look to investigators as the closest thing they have to an expert. They listen to what we advise them to do. If an investigator who lacks either knowledge or integrity gives poor advice

or leaves their client misinformed, afraid and alone, this can have a significant impact on the client, emotionally, mentally and even physically. Knowingly or unknowing, we have a great responsibility, not only to the field but most especially to the people who put their trust in our knowledge and integrity.


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Lisa Shaner Hilty and Holly Moreland


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