National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 5

doing our due diligence with our submissions we can take a subjective look at our evidence, run it through tests and see what holes we may find in it.

How Do I Go

About It?

Doing due diligence on pictures means we need to look at more than one picture. Ideally there should be three pictures of the same area for comparison plus a daytime or well-lit picture. This allows you to look at different angles and really identify things in the picture so that you can take a closer look at the anomaly to explain it. Was it a glare off something shiny? Did someone’s finger get in the way of the flash? Were you outside and seeing environmental contamination? Was someone standing nearby? Is it simply a case of pareidolia? All these questions and more need to be asked to rule out ALL possible explanations. When in doubt, post your submission with all the required information on the NPS Facebook page for others

to provide input. You can also email it to the NPS Photography Team with this information for the team to review. Our email address is npsphotosubmission

The same is true for debunking videos and audio clips. Were there other angles caught on video to compare to? Did someone else also record during the investigation to get another perspective of what is heard? Can you recreate what happened? Ask the questions, dive in deep to explain what you see or hear. This is how we push forward. If what you see or hear isn’t clear to someone else then toss it – use the investigator saying: When in doubt, throw it out! If it is not clear it does no good standing on its own as solid evidence to a non-believer or to someone in the scientific community.

If you at any point question your own evidence, you must go back and re-investigate. It is the only way to be sure you have answered all questions and explained away what might have been captured or heard. If you can recreate the same experience then by all means you should do so and compare notes to what you previously caught.

Maybe you don’t have the ability to go back to the same location, then what? I would suggest reaching out to the paranormal community to see who else has visited that location and see if they are willing to share with you the pictures they took from the same area in question so that you can do a true comparison to yours.

We should never claim something to be paranormal until we have ruled out ALL logical explanations, shared what we captured with our peers in the community for feedback, and re-investigated to recreate what we captured. Working together with others who have more experience or are experts in photography, videography and audio, we can further debunk what was captured and define whether or not we truly captured something paranormal. Performing due diligence and working together we can further the Fringe Sciences and scientifically prove that there is life after death.