National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 47

Its new reputation was neglect and cruelty. In 1970, a patient named Wyatt started a class action law suit against the Alabama's other mental hospital, Searcy State Hospital, which led to positive change. The landmark Wyatt case created awareness. Old Bryce was the African American portion of Bryce Hospital and was notorious for being more crowded with less care. After the Wyatt case and desegregation, Old Bryce was shut down entirely and other buildings were used. The African American patients were integrated into the white population. Old Bryce stands as an example of dreams that were dashed and the prejudice in the South. There is graffiti on the walls and is regularly vandalized. One may see lights turning on and off in a building with no electrical power. Phones are heard ringing and furniture is seen and heard moving. Even footsteps can be heard from the outside. There are hot and cold spots even outside the building. Phantom lights drift from room to room. Footsteps are said to echo through the abandoned hallways. Once a fire was lit that caused damage to the first and second floors, so security surveillance has been beefed up. It is posted that you cannot legally enter the building.

Leaving Northport via I20 we head to Birmingham. From golf to motor sports, water parks and the zoo, this city lacks nothing on things to do. The largest city in this state with a population of over 200,000 and located in one of the southernmost valleys of the Appalachian mountain chain, there is no wonder why one can find a few haunts in this major city. Bass Cemetery is located in the Irondale section of the city and just outside from the hustle and bustle of the city lights of Birmingham. Named one of the 9 most haunted cemeteries in the state this little plot of land dates back as far as 200 years. Located off a dirt road where passing trains run crudely by this is the resting place of many slaves as well as Confederate soldiers. A hilly landscape where almost all the tombstones lay in pieces locales state screams can be heard along with shadows and apparitions.

Leaving Birmingham via I65 we head to the mountainous regions of Huntsville to the notorious Hells Gate. At the base of Green Mountain lies and area off the road that has old black wrought iron gates that are the entrance to an private residence, so please seek permission. It is said to be known by another name that of Owens Cross Roads. When standing at the crossroads it is said you will feel frightened, an eerie scare that is not of normal circumstance. You will hear chants and the screams of what is unseen. Walking and running sounds are also take place with no apparent source. It is also stated that a large car will come down the drive to the gates to scare you off. A must visit for any paranormal investigator visiting the area!


Base Cemetery


Hells Gate