National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 46

center of the building remains in good condition. Some of the local teams conclude that the Josephine may have paranormal activity.

After our visit to The Josephine, we jump back on the interstate and make our way to Auburn, west of Montgomery, home to the University of Auburn with a few haunts of its own. The university was built in 1856. It is one of the few colleges in the country designated as a land, sea and space grant research center. The paranormal activity is located in the university's chapel and is said to be haunted by a Confederate soldier named Sydney. Reports say that Sydney began bothering the university's theater group when they started rehearsing in the chapel where he died.

Continuing east we pick up Interstate 20 and head north to the town of Northport. Located in Tuscaloosa County on the Black Warrior River this quaint town is home to 19,610 residents. Off 5th Street lies Old Bryce Hospital. This Alabama hospital for the insane was designed to be a place of treatment and care. Its genesis began well, with building designed on the ideas of Dorothea Dix and Thomas Story Kirkbride, both well known in the field of institutional architecture. Treatment began in 1861 with the first director, Peter Bryce who had studied mental health in Europe. He believed in respect and kindness as part of treatment and was against the use of restraints. The hospital later took on the name of this leader and was a model for progressive mental health care.

According to the city's website, Selma is located high on the banks of the Alabama River and best known for the Battle of Selma and for the Selma to Montgomery Marches. Selma is home to the largest historic district in the State. Amongst the backdrop of civil right battles lies the Morgan church. It is said that when you cross this church's entrance gates you will feel a strange overbearing presence that overtakes you. It also has been noted if you cross through the gate during the evening hours you see what appears to be a group of people standing in front of the church. It has also been reported people that have been assaulted do not remember the attack upon awakening the next morning.


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