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for the clients. However, with more famous cases such as the Warrens’ Annabelle or Robert the Doll, the mysteries and unexplained events may continue.

You have been reading about what a ghost could be or what can constitute a haunting in the spiritual sense. let us to switch gears for a second and discuss a little less popular

reasoning for what’s causing the suspected haunting or

spotted apparition. More often then not, there are logical reasons that are causing your spiritual experience. These can range anywhere from high EMF levels to floaters in your eye. We won’t get into this as we did for the spiritual side in this article. We would like to save that for a future issue. The key is to find the truth. NEVER settle for an answer that you

haven’t thoroughly

investigated yourself. Let’s work together to find the truth, no matter what it is, paranormal or not. We at the NPS Ghost & Haunting department hope that you have enjoyed this article and look forward to hearing your feedback on this as well as what you might like to see covered from us. We appreciate your time and remember, SEEK THE TRUTH! NO MATTER WHERE IT TAKES YOU!

Contributors: Allen B. Marston,

Lillee Allee and Lisa Shaner Hilty


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