National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 41

crisis or loss. Location in this case is not relevant; the person whose apparition is seen may never have been to the location where the one to whom they appear is currently. At times, these apparitions are reported just prior to death, as though a loved one has come to meet the dying individual at the time of their passing, some believe to “escort” them to the other side. Some logical explanations include emotional expectation, personal religious/faith systems manifesting due to strong faith in this belief. Many believe that these apparitions at the time of death are merely misfiring of nerve endings as the brain begins to shut down.

Time slips are defined in the Oxford Dictionaries as dislocation in the flow of time, during which travel between different periods of time is claimed; alternately that different points in time are perceived at once. Some schools of thought fate that time has been proven to be non-linear, and therefore time slips are possible. Time slip claims generally involve a person, and more interestingly, multiple people, who claim to be walking along and suddenly find that they are in a different place and that their surroundings are of another time period; for

example, people walking by in clothing common to an earlier century. These individuals report that they feel strange and that sounds are muffled. They eventually return to their original time and place, feeling quite confused. Sounds much like a science fiction novel. Time slips are believed by some to the result of haunting, alien abduction, or actual time travel. Other time slip claims focus on an encounter with a person from another time, fitting more closely to the haunting theory. Claims include a conversation with a man who was later discovered to have died several decades prior. There are several logical explanations for this phenomenon, including stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). Stroke symptoms could explain the strange physical feelings, muffled sound and disorientation. In the case of TIA, evidence of the attack is rarely evident in medical testing. Some mental health disorders, specifically types of psychoses, could well explain time slips.

double, which is identical in physical appearance and even clothing. Some report that the face is not visible, and the doppelganger does not speak. When the living person is confronted about their presence/activities, they deny any recollection of the encounter. One common claim is that seeing one’s doppelganger is a portent of impending disaster. Many describe doppelgangers as a person’s “evil twin."

Other occurrences associated with doppelganger activity include items going missing, whispers/cries, hearing own or familiar voices, psychokinesis (for example, doors opening), nightmares, mysterious illness, objects moving, and even physical attacks by unseen forces.

Looking at the associated occurrences, alternative explanations reveal themselves. Sleep related disorders and sleep deprivation can account for the visual, auditory, tactile, and other hallucinations, as well as illnesses. The doppelganger itself is likely a visual hallucination. Again, a variety of mental illnesses may result in claims of these experiences.

A doppelganger is defined as an apparition or double of a living person. The German word meaning “double walker” describes this least commonly reported type of haunting rather well. The person who experiences this phenomenon sees his own

The term poltergeist, also from the German, translates to “noisy ghost”. Poltergeist claims are well known for

Time Slips