National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 39

known, through interviews and vetting process to have no pets, and catches a cat crossing their path or an EVP of a dog barking, once due diligence is used to attempt to debunk, this may leave a margin of possibility. In the vast majority of cases, however, the human mind wanting to reunite with their beloved pet or the sound of a living animal outside or one having found a way inside, would explain the experience.

Many claims are made of seeing, hearing, or smelling the same thing at the same time of day, or a certain time of the year. For investigators, the same EVP may show up on repeated visits, yet are unrelated to any questions asked. Also known as a residual haunt, mental imprint manifestation is most often compared to a tape playing on a loop. It is believed to be energy from an event implanted or “stamped” on a location. These do not interact with the living, those manifesting are not aware of their presence, and certainly not of the presence of the living. Many of history’s most notable haunts are residual, such as The Brown Lady, a photo of whom is arguably the most known ghost photo. These manifestations, whether of sight, sound, smell at times even doors opening or closing , are not spirits/ghosts, but rather stored energy. Einstein’s Theory of

“know” when to release this energy? Tricks of the eye, noises in old, drafty buildings, etc. are common natural explanations for these types of claims. If mental imprint manifestation is real, it would seem to be the most readily tackled by scientists since the events occur regularly and predictably..

Conservation of Energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but rather transfers from one form of energy to another. Where does this energy go when significant events occur? Some theorists believe that certain building materials such as limestone or slate, or the presence of quartz or running water under or near the site can absorb this energy. While most people associate residual haunting with sudden, tragic death, there are many cases of apparent residual hauntings which seem to play back happy childhood events. The sticking point for energy from an event being stored in building materials is this: how then do building materials

You’re watching a television show with the family, when out of the corner of your eye; you see a shadow pass by in another room. You take a selfie and there is a dark shape behind you that you swear was not there when you took the picture. What was that, a dark entity? Are you

Mental Imprint