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Crysler's Farm is among the flooded area which was formerly the site of a major battle between American and British-Canadian forces during the war of 1812. Though the myth of Atlantis is indeed fascinating, the underwater cities of our world certainly hold a great amount of ancient mystery still yet to be discovered.

All of these categories we visited above comprise the

exquisite skill? Were they given the knowledge by otherworldly visitors and then had it taken away? Had they advanced much further than we ever knew and then some natural cataclysm destroyed all that knowledge and we had to start over? All of these questions are what drive us to continue delving into the past. Who knows? Maybe finding some of the answers will help propel us into the future.

stories and clues to our ancient past. They help to tell

us who we were and where we came from. They offer clues to things we have only dreamed about. Some of the things we have uncovered are as perplexing as they are amazing. How did our ancestors know how to build indoor plumbing? Do such precision stone masonry work with primitive tools? How did they craft beautiful figurines

and jewelry with such


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Ancient Mysteries...

Where the intellectual beauty is


Contributors: Sara Fawley, Julie Carter, Jeni M.

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