National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 25

magnificent carving was made famous by the last Indiana Jones movie. Petra appears to have had inhabitants as early as the sixth century, B.C.

One of the more interesting of these ancient sites is located outside Cusco, Peru called Sacsayhuaman. This fabulous walled complex used to be the capital of the Incan Empire. The placement of these beautiful stones is a testament to the precision of these ancient stoneworkers. These stones were placed so tightly together that it is near impossible to force even the slightest object through these snuggly fitted stones.

submerged, the community is nearly still complete though historians believe that an earthquake may be the reason behind its underwater home. In Jamaica, you will discover the sunken city of Port Royala, formerly famous base for pirates and privateers. During an earthquake in 1692, Port Royal sank beneath the Caribbean due to silt which gave way. Calico Jack, Charles Vane and Blackbeard were among some of the famous visitors to the city before it found a new home beneath Kingston harbor. In 2000, another ancient city known as Dwarka, located in India, was discovered by divers. By carbon dating some wood from the city, it has been revealed that Dwarka predates any known civilization and is dated around 7,400 BCE. Although it is unknown how the city had become submerged, scientists suggest that the Arabian Sea was about 100 meters lower than its current level. Another discovery by divers reveals in Japan the pyramid of Yonaguni in 1986. The pyramid also predates any known Japanese civilization and one seismology professor believes it was constructed between 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Over in China a 1,400 year old city known as Lion City has only been submerged for 60 years. In 1959; the Chinese government constructed a dam on the

Xin'an River to create

Qiandao Lake. The city itself dates back to 621 ACE. If you know anything about Hercules, then you have heard of the city of Heracleion and Thonis—a city which was given its name from Hercules according to myths. It's believed to have sunk in the third or fourth century due to the river washing away the silt it was built upon. Under Peru, exists a temple in Lake Titicaca. The temple is believed to be one of the highest submerged cities standing at 200-meters in height and is believed to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. The temple was discovered in 2,000 when a group of archaeologists followed a submerged road. It has yet to be discovered how the temple had become submerged. The Villa Epecuan in Argentina is thought to be one of the world's newest submerged cities. During the late 1980's and early 1990's, Lake Lago Epecuan had taken over the city that was once host to 5,000 residents and 300 businesses. The water of the lake has since receded and has one current resident who moved back in 2009. Near the New York border in Ontario, Canada you will find some ten lost villages which found their underwater homes when the Saint Lawrence Seaway was built during the 1950's. Some parts of the lost villages can be seen from the shore today.

The lost city of Atlantis has introduced most of us to one of the more fascinating aspects of ancient mysteries. Underwater cities are not just a figment of myth; Greece plays host to Peter and Paul's stone, an ancient city discovered in 1967. Although