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Astronaut Theory


bear and has been dated back to around 45,000 BCE!

There are many more artifacts that are still hiding, and just waiting to be found. These could play a large role in solving mysteries or creating even more for everyone to ponder.

A megalith is defined as a large stone that forms a prehistoric monument or part of one.

There are several types of megaliths. Boundary stones were used to mark the start or a change in a land boundary. Chamber cairns which are built over burial sites. Chamber tombs are comprised of several different types: dolmens, gallery graves, passage graves, cist graves and hedges.

Megalithic towers include nuraghi, sesi, talaiots, torri, menhirs, navetes, obelisks, and pyramids.

The last types of megaliths are composed of single stones by themselves or in groupings. Polishing stones, steles, rocking stones, taules, and tumuli belong to this category.

The style of Megalith in each of these categories varies widely depending on the area where they were made and the culture that made them. The one thing they have in common is that they are found in every country and every culture.

to megaliths, such as Easter Island and the massive pyramids in Egypt. South America and other regions were built by visitors to earth. These massive structures could be easily seen from the sky and some believe they serve as possible markers for repeated visits. The massive Nazca lines of Peru, as well as others in Scotland, Malta, and Tonga, are thought by many to have been markers as well or perhaps landing strips. Similarly, these individuals believe that religious beliefs were also altered as a result of the interactions. For example, Pharaoh Akhenaten claimed to be descended from the stars and made a controversial shift in Egyptian belief by embracing monotheistic belief in the sun disc Aten, whose name he adopted. Examination of the skulls of Akhenaten and his family show strange differences to those of previous remains, which many feel support the claim that he was either alien himself or some type of hybrid. In China, among other countries, carvings on cave walls depict flying discs with humanoid figures seemingly at the helm; others show similar beings who seem to be hovering above the ground and wearing astronaut type head gear. Do these and other claims prove that aliens once visited the earth and interacted with humans? If so, where did they go, and will they return? These questions continue to defy explanation.

Throughout known history, humankind has wrestled with questions which seem to defy explanation, even to this day. How did ancient statues on Easter Island get where they are centuries before the tools needed to move such massive stones were developed? Who built massive pyramids all over the earth? Why were they placed where they are and why did they later become abandoned? What are the massive series of Nazca lines, which when viewed from above seem to depict creatures? How do we explain carvings from several ancient civilizations of what appear to be space crafts with creatures as pilots? Ancient alien theorists believe that extraterrestrials visited earth thousands of years ago. Subscribers believe these aliens possessed vastly superior knowledge and perhaps even shared this with humans, resulting in remarkably advanced civilizations for their time. Ancient alien theorists point