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Ancient Mysteries

The Ancient Mysteries of the World

What are

Ancient Mysteries?

Ancient Artifacts

"Ancient" is defined as very old or from a distant past civilization. "Mystery" is defined as unknown or full of strangeness. In essence, when we speak of ancient mysteries we are speaking of very old unknowns or strangeness. This certainly applies to all of the ancient mystery categories. Please journey with us as we take you through a brief overview of each of the categories that comprise Ancient Mysteries.

Mankind has advanced so far over the centuries. Our technology today is amazing and allows us to cure diseases, build fantastic marvels and do things that were once only believed possible in fiction. We are ever striving to learn more and do things better than yesterday. However, in our haste to progress we sometimes do, but never should, forget the mysteries of our ancient past. There are plenty of wondrous things that we built and used in ancient times. We are discovering new mysterious wonders every day.

may have been made 900 ACE in present day Denmark.

Thor's Hammer is a well-known artifact and there are many more that are much older with an even wider range of mysteries. The Nebra Sky Disk, found in Germany which dates back to 1,600 BCE. A baby toy rattle that was located in a tomb dating back to about 400 BCE.

Artifacts, and the mysteries behind them, are a never ending-source of information. The Divje Babe Flute was found in 1995 in Slovenia. This odd artifact appears to of been made from the leg of a

Artifacts are typically a key to understanding and evaluating aspects of the past. At times, this adds to the mystery and suggests questions such as who, what, where, why and when. Artifacts range from small bowls to large pieces of art. An example of a mystery is the Quipu of Caral, believed to be created around 3,000 BCE. The Quipu is a system of knotted cords used by the Incas to store massive amounts of information important to their culture and civilization. What about Thor's Hammer? This articfact