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Ovid shaped craft usually have visible landing gear. Generally 4-6 legs; when these “legs” touch down and make contact with the ground burnt marks are left on the landscape. Damage to surrounding trees is not uncommon. Small humanoid beings are often reported inside this type of craft.


type of craft remains silent.

Since there are so many shapes and sizes, we may well wonder if each type of UFO could possibly be designed for different purposes or by specific civilizations.

Keep looking for more information, theories, and sightings of UFOs and aliens in our upcoming issues. Someday we will have the proof that we are not alone.

Many reports have remarked on multi-colored lights at the wide end of the cone with red, blue, yellow, orange, or green flashing lights showing prominently. Oftentimes those in close proximity to this UFO have reported electrical interference, cell phones suddenly not working, as well as car engines stopping. In rare instances, one can hear a faint hum or whine, but usually this

This UFO shape is often described as a giant cone or conical hat. Some conical UFOs have been described as looking like a top while others report that it resembles something like an ice cream cone (the flat bottomed kind). Cone crafts are relatively rare. The sizes of these cone-shaped crafts range from a few feet in length to 30 feet or more. Sometimes this UFO is seen in clusters, often performing identical movements. Individual crafts have also been reported. Colors vary from dull white to neon blue.


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