National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 19

The Boomerang

The Triangle

The Ovid and Conical

The boomerang UFO has been reported to be either of a v- shape or a c-shape and is also known as a crescent shape. The crafts are reported to be mostly dark or black in color. Night sightings are often described as having several distinctive lights on the underside. Ranging in sizes, they have been reported anywhere from Greece, Turkey, Canada and the USA. On March 24, 1983, a report said that a flying object was seen large enough to be a flying city. With thousands of reports and sightings, the best known case so far is that of the "Phoenix Lights" in Arizona in 1997.

and in the center. These lights have been said to pulse with varying colors and at different rates. This UFO has even been documented back to around 1890 in the Indies. This recorded sighting was prior to when the Wright Brothers’ airplane flew in 1903!

Unlike some other UFOs that have been documented and reported, these UFOs have appeared on many types of radar. This has caused many countries to attempt to intercept them in air, out of concern for them not being authorized in controlled airspace. These attempts at interception have always failed and actually led the United Kingdom to investigate these unknown aircraft (See Project Condign). Other nations, such as Belgium, have even issued orders that no attempt should be made to outmaneuver this triangle shaped aircraft because they have easily avoided many fighter jets, including the F-16.

Though many governments have tried to say that UFOs are anything from plasma to gas in the air, none have been able to discount or disprove the 2014 sightings in the United States. These sightings of a Triangle Shaped object in the sky, in daylight, were photographed and documented with a few professionals in the science of Aviation stating that the objects in the photo is an aircraft of some kind.

The triangle-shaped UFO is another rather common form seen across the world. These aircrafts tend to be black in color, in a triangular shape with most reports typically describing them as large and silent with the tendency to hover or fly rather close to the ground. Lights have also

been reported on the corners

Most UFOs are symmetrical objects, typically with smooth and featureless surfaces, but sometimes they are seen with windows or portholes. There are many variations in UFO sizes and shapes, some ranging from 0.3 meters (1 foot) or less, and up to 800 meters (0.5 mile). Are those really large UFOs? Are they usually the huge mother ships?


This UFO shape is often confused with other shapes such as elliptical, football, teardrop and egg-shaped. Oftentimes these similarities make it difficult to maintain a separate identity for this craft. Night time viewers of this craft report a neon-like, solid-color luminescence which emanates from a cushion of air around these objects like a halo rather than coming from the craft itself. Some of these ovid-shaped UFOs have been seen with stripes or “hieroglyphic” symbols at the base. This UFO shape has been noted as being 5-6 meters (16-20 feet) in length and 8 feet in diameter.