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Why we need to

share the data

More information makes evidence more compelling and provides the ability to find statistical commonalities across a wider data pool. To advance the fringe sciences and be able to detect indicators of paranormal activity, we need to be able to share the data collected during investigations with many teams while maintaining necessary confidentiality. Client Information must be kept secret, but other data may be shared that could be used.

Project Endeavor provides the ability to share data across the entire paranormal community without undermining confidentiality.

How Endeavor fills

the need.

Project Endeavor is a cloud-based data center where paranormal teams can store specifics about investigations while anonymously sharing information. Metrics such as location, weather, and other statistics are collected. It is the hope of National Paranormal Society to find baselines that will enhance investigations and evidence gathering.

By providing a secret service to share global data across the entire paranormal research community, paranormal research increases its potential for validity in the scientific world.

By recording a pre-determined set of metrics, Project Endeavor also attempts to normalize a set of collected information that will provide consistency in the data that is gathered from participants' investigations.

All paranormal teams are reviewed manually for approval to ensure the group is operational and not auto generated bot spam that will sully the gathered data. After account approval, all investigations may be

recorded using Endeavor's

multi-part form.

The site is mobile friendly. Therefore, it is easy to use on phones and tablets as well as full-size monitors. Historical weather data is pulled in, and auto filled in the form if available.

Investigation records can be reviewed and edited at any time and are only visible to users that created them.

Project Endeavor will aid investigators in systematically recording data than can be shared as statistics across a vast array of values.

It may have the potential to predict the likelihood of paranormal activity if commonalities are indicated.


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