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that part of the video and discovered that it was in fact a team member trying to find the light switch. Again, due diligence paid off.

Each team member analyzes their own audio and then brings their findings to the rest of the team for comparison. While they do use Audacity to analyze audio, they use only amplification and noise reduction to process so as not to change the actual artifact any more than necessary. They do not use white noise, as some groups do, as they agree that they are trying to rid the piece of extraneous noise rather than add to it. Members do not tell others what they believe a potential EVP says as this leads others to hear what they are told. The team goes over potential evidence many times until they feel they have either debunked, come to a consensus of.what has been said, what has been seen, or if it cannot be determined what it may be.

Members attempted to debunk but were unable to

find a source. It is considered a very intriguing personal experience as there is no corroborating evidence.

3 Towers makes a CD of their findings for each client. They are careful never to declare anything as definitively paranormal. They explain their process to their client and then share with them what they were able to debunk and how and finally “this is what we found interesting.”

3 Towers is a cohesive team who demonstrates open mindedness and objectivity at the same time. They exhibit admirable commitment to their clients as well as the advancement of the fringe sciences. They are quick to make others feel welcome and at ease which no doubt serves them well in their work with clients and the community in which they conduct their work.

3 Towers also uses my personal motto, “when in doubt, throw it out.” Randy related an analysis session where he was quite excited over a potential EVP only to find during comparison with recorders in other areas of the room that it was not at all what he had thought. He keeps this in mind always when discussing due diligence. As stated earlier, 3 Towers requires more than one method to corroborate before declaring an item to be “interesting.” Orbs of course were discussed. Randy stated that they are in the overwhelming percentage of cases dust, moisture, etc. though the team did encounter what appeared to be a small “ball of flame” during one investigation which several members witnessed which grew over time to be 3 feet or more wide then suddenly disappeared. Due to their location being in a remote location with no roads nearby and a few stories up headlights were ruled out.

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