National Paranormal Society NPS FOCUS June 2016 - Page 12

sounds be heard from a

particular area. 3 Towers uses several IR cameras, digital cameras, digital audio recorders, KII and Mel Meters (both Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors), as well as certain aspects of cell phones. EMF detectors, Randy and Casey explained, are used as corroboration for other experiences or evidence from other sources as well as to debunk some claims. An EMF sweep is completed in each room so that ambient EMF may be noted for later comparison for fluctuation. EMF spikes are used as back up at times for potential Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), personal experiences, etc. The team’s use of cell phones during investigations sparked an interesting discussion. 3 Towers posts live tweets during investigations for their Twitter followers. They feel that cells are a more complex piece of equipment today than in the past. They use the notepad to mark ambient EMF and times, and locations of spikes for later comparison.

Randy explained that they also use EMF detectors to ensure that the cells are not giving off EMF that would interfere with other meters. While they may have one team member recording with a digital recorder, another may

be using their cell to record in same area. They do not,

however, utilize cell phone apps.

Other equipment is either used on a trial basis or for experimentation. 3 Towers has used spirit boxes. Randy explained that even when sweeping at the fastest setting you can hear partial words which is sufficient to plant that word in your head and taint potential evidence. 3 Towers has tried dowsing and has experimented in taking the human error part out of the process by creating a stationary mount in which to place the rods. While they do acknowledge that dowsing rods are designed to detect things found in nature such as oil, water, metals, etc. by requiring several repeat responses over time, they hope to add some validity to the rods. Corroborating evidence is required in this case as well. They use similar parameters for the “flashlight technique” with flashlights of differing colors denoting different responses. Casey states that while there are many other pieces of equipment they would enjoy testing, expense is always a concern in this field. Like most teams, 3 Towers does not charge for their services. They do, however, have occasional fundraisers to help offset the expenses incurred.

Always the most interesting topics for me are analysis and

due diligence. 3 Towers has a process by which they perform due diligence which, as noted during the vetting process section, starts prior to the initial home visit and continues during the investigation and throughout two phases of analysis. While investigating attempts are made to find natural causes for claims. For example, if there is a claim of doors slamming team members will test the vacuum effect of opening one door to see if the door in question will slam due to a vacuum created between the two doors. Claims of scratching sounds are addressed by looking for signs of rodents, etc. One interesting and impressive debunk had to do with a stove that vibrated loudly causing the residents to feel almost under attack as nothing else in the house moved. After extensive attempts to debunk a team member who had stepped outside noted train tracks blocks away, seemingly not close enough to be the culprit. Surprisingly, when a train came down the tracks later in the night the stove began to vibrate violently though nothing else in the room did so. Impressive debunk! In another case a black shadow was seen on video peeking out of a doorway. Reviewing the footage over and over, the team eventually decided to check farther ahead and past