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Saturday, May 15 Time 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM 11:45 PM - 1:00 PM Session Redistricting for Fair Representation Location Crystal 2 Following the 2010 Census, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will be reapportioned among the fifty states, and boundaries for congressional, state, and local legislatives districts will be redrawn. These redrawn electoral districts must comply with various legal requirements and will directly impact the preservation and expansion of minority electoral opportunities. In many areas, these opportunities depend on districts containing a sufficient number of minority voters to form a strong voting block. This session will discuss redistricting for fair representation and explain the redistricting process and the legal standards for congressional, legislative, and local governing bodies. The session will also address technical and logistical elements of redrawing districts. Anthony Fairfax CensusChannel, LLC Anthony E. Fairfax, a geodemographic consultant for a variety of public and private organizations and president of CensusChannel LLC, is an expert in the development of redistricting plans and developed over 300 plans for jurisdictions ranging from small towns to large congressional districts. He provided redistricting and geographic information systems training at several universities as well as technical services as a non-testifying expert for four court cases, including renowned redistricting Supreme Court case, Shaw v. Reno. Fairfax published two books, A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Census 2000 Data (2004) and The Democratic Trend Phenomenon (2008). He holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech and resides in Hampton, VA with his wife, Dr. Colita Nichols Fairfax, and has two daughters, Layla and Natalie. Allison Riggs Southern Coalition for Social Justice Allison Riggs received her BS, MA, and JD from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. She has worked on a variety of voting rights issues, from redistricting to felony disenfranchisement. As a staff attorney with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice in Durham, NC, her primary areas of practice are voting rights and environmental justice. Skills Workshop Series 2 2:45 AM - 3:45 AM E-Democracy: Constituent Outreach & Communication 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Crystal 6 Elected officials must stay current to stay relevant. This means understanding and using the latest technology that allows for easy and effective communication between elected officials and constituents. This session will provide case studies of current elected officials – nationally and locally – who are effectively using the Internet to work with their base, communicate with constituents, and expand their resources. YEOs will also be provided with instruction on how to best use social media, email, text messaging, onl ₯Ή”…‘Ω•ΙΡ₯Ν₯Ήœ°…Ή½Ή±₯Ή”Ω₯‘•Ό°…́ݕ±°…́‘½άΡΌ‘½±…Έ½Ή±₯Ή”Ρ½έΈ‘…±°…ΉΝ½±₯₯ЁΩ₯Ρ…°™••‘‰…¬™Ι½΄½ΉΝΡ₯ΡΥ•ΉΡΜΈ((Μΐ((