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However, Fabform Industries, Inc. doesn’t solely focus on themselves. When faced with the challenge of identifying and hiring skilled fabricators and painters in their small community, Brandon Ikola initiated an intern program at the facility. Now, the company partners with local schools Roseburg High School and Umpqua Community College to re-establish and reintroduce welding and painting in the area. “It has given us additional resources for recruiting employees and has helped supplement the production of our small parts for our utility trailers,” said Brandon Ikola, Fabform Industries, Inc. “As for the schools, they are able to have consistent projects to work on throughout the year to perfect the students’ skills.” Within the trailer industry, it is Fabform Industries, Inc.’s buying power that keeps them competitive in the marketplace. They currently manufacture ten different base models with various options, producing a trailer volume of over 1,600 units annually. However, they remain flexible enough to provide customization on their base models, making them one of the few manufacturers that will produce what your customer needs for his or her trailer. From father to son, location to location, Fabform Industries, Inc. has gone through many changes, which the company does not oppose. In fact, it flat out encourages it. Change is an important facet of business that Fabform Industries, Inc. uses to strive to be better and better. NATDA Magazine 37