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Fast forward to today. ATC Trailers just opened a state- of-the-art, 110,000 square foot production facility. The building layout supports CEO Steve Brenneman’s vision of continuously improving ATC Trailers’ Lean Manufacturing capabilities. If you’re unfamiliar with Lean Manufacturing, it’s the philosophical approach that propelled Toyota into prominence in the 1980s and what many US auto makers were forced to adopt to keep up with Toyota’s ability to quickly adapt to the changing auto market. The essential principal of Lean is to eliminate waste and to sharply focus on customer value. In the trailer industry, customer value begins with a soundly built frame and axles, then the features that provide added functionality and an aesthetic that gives each trailer manufacturer its identity. ATC Trailers developed a niche in the highly competitive trailer industry by focusing on quality instead of quantity. In an industry flooded with quickly built steel trailers, ATC uses higher priced aluminum (though, ATC does build with steel if the customer prefers) and focuses on frame durability and premium fit and finish. Despite a higher price tag, ATC has seen steady growth and continues to develop high end features and options. continued on page 33 NATDA Magazine 31