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Their Surge Brake Conversion System will also give you all the control of the trailer braking while still maintaining the stopping power of hydraulics. This system includes all the necessary components to turn any surge brake system in to a more reliable EOH system. You need products for any trailer configuration. The Hydrastar Plug & Play has all the features of the Hydrastar Marine in a convenient plug and play application, offers ease of installation, connectors are amperage rated for Hydrastar operation, connectors are weather proof, comes in a complete system, takes the guess work out of installation, and is perfect for the DIYer. The Hydrastar Extra Capacity Reservoir EOH adds an additional quart of brake fluid capacity. This application is designed for larger trailer and brake applications, as well as commercial trailer operations. The Hydrastar Hydraulic Fluid Compatible EOH utilizes the same hydraulic fluid commonly found in agriculture equipment and implements. With Hydrastar, all your trailer braking needs are met. 118 NATDA Magazine All the company’s EOH actuators are of sealed and anodized, extruded aluminum construction. They’re also hand built and rigorously tested. They include a one-way vent that allows the dissipation of heat, pressure, and moisture that may build up in the unit, making for a more robust and reliable actuator. Quality control and attention to product detail ensures Hydrastar that their customers get the best EOH products on the market. Hydrastar stands by all their products by providing the industry’s leading warranty and their personal, attention-to-detail customer service. Hydraulic trailer braking is their passion. It is what they do. When you need safer, more reliable braking for your trailer, turn to the people that specialize in hydraulic trailer braking: Hydrastar. Give them a call at 812-655-4544 or find more information at