NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2016 - Page 98

“Where is my trailer?” These are the words no one ever wants to say, but unfortunately trailer theft is an ever growing problem. There are approximately 30,000 registered trailers stolen every year, which breaks down to about 80 trailers stolen each and every day. Think about it, we all know someone who has either had a trailer stolen, or who knows someone who has been a victim of trailer theft. So, how do we protect our trailers and the items they carry? Let’s start with the basics: Make sure you have a reliable lock on your trailer 98 at all times, and if you have the option to store your trailer in a secure gated area, do it! However, these forms of protection are not always reliable; a thief can cut a lock or cover your plates and not everyone has access to a gated lot. Luckily, there is a new GPS security system on the market. WHRZT! (pronounced “where’s it”), which is hidden in plain sight, allows you to see the location of your trailer whenever you want. WHRZT! has designed a unique GPS system, consisting of hardware and tracking software, that is concealed on the trailer itself. The device is invisible to an unsuspecting thief and works on both old and new trailers. The user simply places the WHRZT! GPS system on the trailer, connects the device to power and ground, registers for service, and starts tracking. The WHRZT! device is not only discreet, easy to install, and at an affordable MSRP of $249.99 (wholesale and quantity discounts available), it is accompanied by an impressive tracking portal packed with innovative security features. continued on page 100 NATDA Magazine