NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2016 - Page 82

MOST EFFECTIVE 2-WATT & 5 WATT SOLAR CHARGING SYSTEMS AVAILABLE! The SolarPulse 2-Watt & 5-Watt chargers combine our Pulse Technology® with an exceptional charging system. This Technology safely prevents the main cause of battery problems and failure: sulfation buildup on lead-acid battery plates. Used extensively by the consumers and the U.S. Military worldwide for over ten years, this technology has been scientifically proven by two major universities to make batteries work harder and last longer than you ever thought possible. QUADLINK 4-CHANNEL BATTERY CHARGER MULTIPLIER QuadLink™ 4-Channel Charger Multiplier lets you use any single 6-Volt or 12-Volt battery maintenance charger on up to four lead-acid batteries. The four-way switcher circuit is capable of charging the batteries whether they are separate or connected in a 24, 36 or 48-Volt series string as a group. The simple plug and play system charges the batteries sequentially in ten minute intervals and comes with four eyelet lug adapter cables and 5’ extension leads. REDIPULSE PRO-12 BATTERY MAINTENANCE SYSTEM This 12 Station Battery Maintenance System both preserves new batteries at peak charge levels by keeping the plates in like-new condition during storage and maintains up to twelve batteries at a time. A continuous cycle of low amp charging rotates through the twelve channels offsetting the normal discharge rate. At the same time, optimized high frequency patented pulsing reduces the size and number of lead sulfate deposits so that your shelved batteries will stay “factory fresh” while waiting to be sold or installed. XTREME CHARGE 5-STAGE MAINTENANCE BATTERY CHARGER Our Xtreme Charge 5-stage Maintenance Battery Charger works with any 12-volt lead-acid battery including flooded, fill and charge, gel, AGM and all maintenance-free varieties. Whether your battery is new or old, our patented Pulse Technology in our chargers minimize the size of lead sulfate crystals to ensure that it keeps as much charge as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a traditional or a high-performance battery – our proprietary charging algorithm will find the proper charge for maximum power. Just plug it in to any 110220 ac power source, turn it on and it will recharge the battery quickly and safely. POWERPULSE 12 VOLT The 12-Volt PowerPulse is designed to ensure maximum battery performance on single 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It also works on two or three 12-volt batteries connected in parallel. This unit is ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle or equipment that is charged on a regular basis, including cars, over-the-road trucks, delivery trucks, boats, emergency vehicles, generators and much more. It comes with lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals. Powerpulse is not a charger, it cleans sulphates from lead plates allowing the battery to hold more power and perform like a brand new battery continually. LIFT GATE BATTERY CHARGER The Lift Gate Battery Charger is designed to boost the voltage of the battery on the trailer when the trailer battery is mounted several feet away from the tow vehicles alternator. This charges the trailer mounted battery much faster while the trailer is being pulled down the road. It even works while the tow vehicle is turned off. 82 For More Information: 866.934.0777 NATDA Magazine