NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2016 - Page 100

Geo Fencing Capabilities Create a digital perimeter around your property , workplace , neighborhood , or even your state . Receive a detailed text or email alert when your trailer enters or exits the Geo Fence zones .
Movement Alerts A built in accelerometer will alert you if your trailer begins to move when it is supposed to be stationary .
Location Updates See an update of your trailer ’ s location every 15 minutes , but if you would like a faster location snapshot you can always turn on Fast Track mode which will give you location updates every minute for fifteen minutes .
Customizable Trailer Information Assign a name , picture or personal note to each of your trailers . You can even add the VIN or license plate number to store for law enforcement .
Location History Take a step back in time and see the location history of your trailers from any point in the past . Narrow it down to a specific week , day , or even hour .
Backup Battery Don ’ t worry if your device becomes disconnected from a 12V power source . Every WHRZT ! device is equipped with a backup battery that will last up to 60 days .
Movement Modes Know your trailer ’ s movement status with a single glance at the map . See if it ’ s in Fast Track , Moving , Stationary , or Storage mode .
Low Cost Tracking Subscription For only $ 12.99 per month per device or $ 130 per year per device you can have the peace of mind to always know where your trailer and belongings are .
Don ’ t be the next victim of trailer theft . Protect what ’ s yours with the WHRZT ! GPS solution . For more information or to place your orders contact WHRZT ! at info @ whrzt . com or 1-888-507-9985 . Where ’ s it going ? Where ’ s it been ? WHRZT !
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