NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 - Page 8

This article is based on state registration data compiled by Statistical Surveys, Inc., which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Statistical Surveys, Inc. (SSI) currently produces national retail sales statistics for the Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Manufactured Housing, and Trailer Industries. Please note that Kansas, Maine and Tennessee are experiencing data delays. The data will be placed in the correct month once it’s received. Sales for the month of April were up 1.7 percent. For the 1st four months of 2015 sales were up 2.8 percent for all five trailer segments. The chart below shows the breakout by trailer type. Trailer Type All Trailers Boat Enclosed Horse Livestock Open April 2015 1.7% 4.5% -4.1% 2.4% 2.4% 2.6% Jan thru April 2015 2.8% 5.4% .08% -1.8% 9.3% 2.5% Here are the reporting states with the best overall sales increases for All Trailer Segments for the 1st four months of 2015. Ranking 1 2 3 State Wisconsin Idaho Oregon Percent of Growth 36.6% 31.9% 25.5% Industry registrations for the 1st four months of 2015 were up over 2014. 2015 continues to be an up year in trailer registrations for the Light and Medium Duty Trailer Industry. If there are any questions about this article, or if SSI can help you and/or your dealership, please contact Jeff Jones at 254-715-1314 or 8 NATDA Magazine