NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 - Page 76

race surfaces on the hub and the bearing’s faces. Basically, anywhere you can put new grease; do it. GREASE=GOOD. Step 4: Replacing Once you’re done playing in the grease, tap in a new seal, ensuring that its even and snug. Step 5: Assembly Really, the only thing left is to just put it all back together. Place the drum back on the axle (maybe add yet another glob of grease to it’s face). After the careful placement of the thrust washer and spindle nut, the drum should easily spin on the axle. Insert the new cotter pin and cover with the dust cap. After putting the wheel back in place, you’re done! Well…with that one wheel, anyways. Here is an additional list of tips to help you get the job done perfectly. -If the trailer has been in storage for some time, it still needs this service done. Grease will break down on a parked trailer, too. -Don’t torque the spindle nut when you are re-assembling. It will crush the bearings. Just make sure it is snug. -Always replace the cotter pin. 76 NATDA Magazine