NATDA Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 - Page 38

Why Scorpion….. With nearly 20 years in the coatings industry, there are few applications we have not seen. We have drawn on chemical expertise and customer demand to develop low pressure batch mix system, high pressure quick set formulas, Scorpion CG, and cartridge methods. Non-skid, abuse protection, corrosive barrier and static mitigation are just a few of the benefits of using Scorpion products. Why Choose Scorpion….. Scorpion has partnered with OEM and Industrial customers for years and our experience in the coatings industry speaks for itself. Fire trucks, ambulance, and trailer manufacturers all rely on Scorpion for their coatings needs. They have come to realize that the product is much more than a bed liner. As a coatings manufacturer, Scorpion is in a unique position to offer multiple application methods. Low Pressure XO2….. XO2 is the staple product from Scorpion Protective Coatings. This low pressure batch mix system is extremely versatile. Mix what you need when you need it! It does not require the investment of the plural component pump system. With the batch mix system, you can introduce non-skid aggregates. Color match and custom colors are very easy to apply. Profit….. Many trailer dealers have seen the benefit of incorporating Scorpion into their daily work. There are profit opportunities for the trailer on the lot. Dealers have also come to realize that every vehicle that pulls into their lot is a truck and that has opened up new revenue streams. Talking with potential customers at the 2014 NATDA Trade Show, several told us that they were selling trailers and the customer was taking them down the road to other spray liner installers. That is dollar bills walking right out your front door! High Pressure CG….. High volume? Need quick tack? Scorpion CG might be right for you. When turn time is critical in your facility, Scorpion’s CG High Pressure material is a great option. This 2 component material is sprayed through a pump system and has a tack time of 6 seconds. This tack time is great in a high volume or quick turn manufacturing environment. Scorpion Cartridge….. The Scorpion Cartridge System is designed for UV stability plus all of the benefits of a hybrid cartridge system. The Scorpion Cartridge System is a fast setting cartridge spray system. This system is easy to use and has a tack-free time of 45 seconds, is 100% solids and contains zero VOCs. 38 Testimonial….. “We began using Scorpion Coatings spray-on liner in the beginning of 2009. Not knowing what to expect we had few expectations. However with the low start-up costs the trial costs were inconsequential. What started as a trial quickly turned into a major development of our products. Customers immediately took notice of the quality of the product and the improvement to our already quality finish. Within months customers demanded all our products come standard with the Scorpion Coatings lining. Combined with the great customer response, we also had a great reduction in warranty claims NATDA Magazine