NATDA Magazine Nov/Dec Nov2018Mag_FINAL - Page 55

“Great service is our number one goal - that and a large inventory of the best-quality trailers.” later, they were blessed with a son, Paul, who appears to be going down the same path as his parents. The energetic 11-year- old loves to sell trailers and tractors. The couple opened and closed locations over the years, constantly looking for more populated areas north of Eugene. After surviving the recession, they ended up with stores in Bend and Woodburn, Oregon. Eventually, they sold the original Eugene dealership to concentrate on the two thriving locations they had. Upon finding success in Bend and Woodburn, they opened two more dealerships in Ontario and Hermiston. Now, they focus on providing the Pacific Northwest with quality trailer dealerships that offer exceptional products and customer service. “Great service is our number one goal – that and a large inventory of the best- quality trailers,” Debbie says. The idea of great service that permeates through their four locations is clearly manifesting. In 2017, Blaser Trailer Sales was awarded Dealer of the Year Awards for both Charmac, Inc. and Big Tex Trailers. While their dealerships have clearly done well, their success stems from an understanding that there will always be hurdles in the industry and it’s best to be prepared. Originally, that hurdle was just “getting good enough help to properly take care of customers’ needs.” Looking ahead, though, Greg sees new complications in the fact that the expense of obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is skyrocketing. “Companies will no longer go through the process of obtaining CDLs for their drivers,” he believes. “Instead, they’ll hire a professional driver to haul equipment around. With this will come the demand for more hydraulic dovetails and powered ramps, along with specialized trailers to haul forklifts and manlifts.” As both a dealer and manufacturer, Greg says they, and all other dealerships, “need to become more aware of the laws in their state and offer the right equipment at the right weight.” For the Blasers, keeping up with the latest regulations is incredibly important and they both acknowledge that their formulations have resulted in safer trailers on the road. From a pure business perspective, though, the Blasers have found success in simplicity. “It’s important to focus on what you do and do it well. Don’t be tempted to diversify, because it only spreads your resources and time thinner,” Greg explains. Clearly, it’s working for Blaser Trailer Sales. NATDA Magazine 55