NATDA Magazine Nov/Dec Nov2018Mag_FINAL - Page 27

NATDA: How do you feel the relationship between Bear Track Trailers and its dealers is doing? Have you seen the growth you’ve expected over the past 2-3 years? SUCKOW: Overall, I feel our relationships are strong. There are always things we can do better and are constantly improving on. Plus, with any acquisition there are changes, but we’re getting aligned and starting to see more growth. The table has been set to see more growth in 2019 and beyond. NATDA: How have your dealers evolved from your first few years in the industry to now? SUCKOW: Bear Track has been a very strong brand in our home state of Minnesota. The previous owners worked with a mix of traditional trailer dealers and powersport dealers. They had a small operation and this mix of dealers kept them busy all year. After Voyager purchased the brand, we’ve pushed for new dealers outside of the upper Midwest as we have added capacity. With this push, our network is transitioning more to traditional trailer dealers and distributors with the goal to use them as hubs to sell to smaller powersport dealers. an easy way to see if we are successful. There’s also the need to be successful by producing a quality product and meeting our customers’ needs. This only happens if we can create good jobs, maintain a stable employee base and make positive contributions to our community. NATDA: Are there any parts of the United States where you’re currently seeking dealers? NATDA: What do you feel sets Bear Track Trailers, both in product offering and business operations, apart from other manufacturers in the industry? SUCKOW: We’re pushing for new dealers outside of the upper Midwest. We have a strong network in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, but are looking elsewhere for energized dealers focused on growth and offering a quality line-up of aluminum trailers in their sales mix. NATDA: What does “success” for the company look like to you? SUCKOW: We evaluate success on a few different levels. Obviously, we have our company’s financial goals, which is SUCKOW: We set ourselves apart with the time and energy dedicated to the product and to our customers. Some might say our product is overbuilt, but we feel it’s needed when you produce a quality product. Most manufacturers won’t weld every touchpoint from the decking to the frame or round off corners, so they’re not as sharp. Again, we produce a product we are proud of and take the steps to show it. We’re also dedicated to the service and support of our customers. As an owner, NATDA Magazine 27