NATDA Magazine Nov/Dec 2017 NM_Nov2017_FINAL2 - Page 58

W hen it comes to selecting the right trailer, you ask all of the questions that help you determine the right product for your customer. Everything from price point to length, we’re sure you have it covered. But, there is one very important question that also needs to be asked, “What’s going to be in your trailer?” If your customer answers with, “A car,” your ears should perk up and an immediate follow-up question should already be working its way out. “What kind of car are you transporting?” More than likely, you’re going to hear about a potential collector car, classic car, show car, supercar or race car. These are more than your average daily drivers – they are either high value cars to begin with, or they are cars that have been modified or restored. Again – another form of investment. The last thing a customer wants to be faced with is a treasured car that simply won’t easily load onto or in their trailer. This is where you become the hero when you ask for more details about their car. What kind of ground clearance does it have? What is the height of the trailer door hinge point? What is the length of the trailer door? What is the thickness of the trailer door? These are the common question we always ask at Race Ramps. RAMPOLOGY The secret to our success? Our ramps extend a trailer’s current door or ramp to decrease the angle of approach (to as little as 4.3-degrees) that enables a low-clearance car to load without contact. continued on page 60 58 NATDA Magazine