NATDA Magazine Nov/Dec 2017 NM_Nov2017_FINAL2 - Page 32

F acebook Advertising is important and you might be thinking, “I want to do it, but how do I get started and what does this all mean?” Chances are, if you have thought about advertising on Facebook, you have asked yourself these questions. At first glance, advertising on Facebook can seem daunting. This article is here to give you some basic understanding of Ad Structure, and the purpose behind each different advertising objective. First, you want to identify what your goal of the advertisement will be. There are three different Major Archetypes of Facebook campaigns: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. AWARENESS OBJECTIVE ADS are going to be shown to the most amount of people as possible. This would be ideal if you wished to promote your identity in your current market. 32 CONSIDERATION OBJECTIVES contain website traffic ads, engagement ads, app install ads, video views, and lead generation. These are generally used for a target audience to interact with your business while still being on Facebook. CONVERSION BASED ADS include store visits, product catalog sales (dynamic retargeting), and conversions. These involve sending the target audience away from Facebook, typically to your website. Secondly, after you pick a campaign objective, the next most important step is identifying the audience you want to reach. There are provisions to target a custom saved audience you have used before, a new custom audience you are generating now, a retargeting pixel audience, or a lookalike audience. NATDA Magazine