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Retrofitting an existing crank style jack into a hydraulic one can be difficult . But , if you ’ re looking to make an upgrade on a new trailer or even repair an older , existing unit , the Zimmerman Trailers EasyLifter is a hydraulic unit worthy of an upgrade on any trailer that uses a 10K jack system .
Not everyone has specific fabrication skills needed to customize a new trailer jack . Often , it takes at least a few manufacturing capabilities to even get the project going . Zimmerman ’ s new system solves that with its all-parts-included retrofit kit .
“ We wanted to make sure the EasyLifter lived up to its name : Easy ,” said Zimmerman Trailers ’ Warren Nightingale . “ All it takes is simply removing some parts inside of the existing jack , drilling a few holes and installing the cylinder in existing jack housing holes . We wanted a simplistic process that dealers can quickly install so they can get their customers ’ trailers back on the road .”
The remainder of the installation consists of attaching the hydraulic hoses to the cylinder , splitter block and pump , Nightingale explained .
Not only is the lifting speed of the jack greatly improved compared to hand-cranking or other power methods , but the lifting capacity is not diminished in the slightest . The 3200 PSI pump furnishes adequate power to lift the trailer with ease while a 10 ” hydraulic cylinder stroke offers sufficient lifting height to meet even the more demanding of parking terrains .
“ Maintaining that trust that the jack can hold the weight is important ,” Nightingale explained . “ We made sure that , no matter where your loading or unloading , this jack is going to get the job done .”
While it ’ s safe to say that the EasyLifter will add value and make an easy effort of raising and lowering any trailer , the product ’ s painless installation effectively eliminates any potential finish damage on the jack or trailer . At a great price point , it ’ s an excellent addition to any dealership ’ s parts department – especially for an upsell !
Top Photo : EasyLifter II
Middle Photo : EasyLifter Mounted V
Bottom Photo : EasyLifter Mounted IIII
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