NATDA Magazine May/June 2016 - Page 14

Dump-Lok Specifications Overall Height 21 in. Overall Width 5.25 in. Overall Length 12.75 in. Weight 37.5 lbs. Max. Capacity (Pairs) 95,000 lbs. The Dump-Lok steel braces are sold exclusively in pairs & are strictly intended to be used as a pair. Dump-Lok can be used universally on any brand of dump box. Each year, hundreds of serious injuries and fatalities occur when unsecured, or improperly secured, dump beds fall while workers are performing truck maintenance. WorkSafe USA, Inc. is proud to present the patented Dump-Lok dump truck and dump trailer safety support device. Dump-Lok is an engineering breakthrough in workplace safety. The patented Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck’s dump bed in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump boxes at angles higher than most manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access to more areas underneath the dump bed. Dump-Lok has been independently tested by the Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin - Madison to support a massive 95,000 lbs (pairs). The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has issued citations to employers for failing to provide lockout procedures while employees were working under the dump body of dump trucks. OSHA recognizes the hazard of unsecured dump beds, and has recommended using an alternative “truck bed brace bracket”. (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006) Dump-Lok is so unique & original that it’s covered under United States Patent # 6905174. All Dump-Lok products are equipped with high grade, high tensile steel safety chains to further ensure safe repairs. Dump-Lok can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer-provided props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed. Dump-Lok model # DL105 steel braces fit up to a 4.5 inch flange - the standard dump truck flange is 3.5 inches. Dump-Lok is desi